Information About Ararat


Information About Ararat

Mount Ararat is highest peak in Turkey

Best time for skiing season beginning of April till and of May.  But camp sides is different altitude. Base camp is 2900 meters, second high camp is 3500 meters.  We try summit from  second camp. Because of snow and weather conditions.   All our  equipments and camping stuff and gear, carry by horses. Some time we using porters too.  On mountain we always following snow  snow forecast:  and for summer  we using same system too fort he peak.  About summer trekking Mount Ararat:  Season starting from june till end of september. But  Best time is July and August  On Ararat. Of course weather conditions more beter,  fort hat reason we using summer camps with more high altitute,  Base camp is 3.330 meters, second high camp is 4200 meters.  We reach Ararat summit more easy from  second high camp 4200 m.

We usually start midnight 2 pm climbing Ararat top, and after 6 hours  we reached the Ararat peak.  And very nice view to see Dogubayazit-  Armenian, Igdir, Agri and Iran. Afterwards  taking nice photos on Mt Ararat, celepration maybe with some drinks.  Acclimatization Always very important on mountain.  For that reson,  all our guides walking so slowly for climbers feel  more comfortable and happy. Turkey has different famous mountains too: Mount Suphan 4058 meters second high peak in eastern turkey.  And mount nemrut crater 2900 meters.  Not so high, but for acclimatization and view  and nature very great.  Mount Artos specialy for snow ski tour is beter.  Usually we do Mt Artos-  Mt Suphan and Ararat combine for Ski tour.  Also Suptan and Ararat mountain can be good option for  twin summit  skiing tour. Information About Ararat

Services on Mountain Ararat: Honestly says our team very great on mountin hiking so snowly.  And cooking chef,  cook very local and delicious meals.  24 hours hot water – food-  and drink always ready for our hikers and clients. Before we reach the camps sides, our cook chef , before us reaching there, and make our luch  ready and prepare drinks for us.

About Ararat Permit- Permission: Only Ararat mount need permit for,   trek – hiking  or ski tours.  One month  before climb we have to start permission documents.  We will need your passport copies and other document for getting the permit.  Per permit price cost is 70 euros.

Climbing Ararat 6 days

Ararat climbing  7 days

Ararat Ski Tour 6 days